web worldI love the Internet. It can be so many different things to so many different people. Above all, it’s a window to the world. You can keep in touch with loved ones, sharing your lives in ways that were more difficult and time-consuming before the internet. You can meet new people, finding new friends that you may never meet in person, yet share a common bond with them. You can learn new things, and explore new worlds, all through the wonder of instant communication. The internet will never replace the experience of “real life,” but it opens up more opportunities for experiences that might not be possible in “real life.”

For that reason, I want to be a part of it – something more than just an observer. I want to design web sites. To reach this goal, I am first studying all I can about web design, discovering my strengths and weaknesses. Hence this website which can serve as a testing ground for what I learn. So bear with me, please – I still have a lot to learn.

I have an even more important testing ground – a commission for a classical musician. I’m including a link to her site so you can observe my growth as a web designer both with a personal site and with a professional one.

Jane Christeson -- Mezzo-Soprano